Virtual Childrens day Celebration 2021 – The way Forward

Topic: Effect of Covid-19 Pandemic on the total well being of the Nigerian child.


Zeitgeist Aesthetics is a non-profit organization that is focused on issues of national development through research and patenting models, compiling documentations and using same tool for public awareness, grassroots capacity development and the promotion of socioeconomic development generally. “HIYA NIGERIA” and some other advocacy programmes are facilitated by our organisation. Zeitgeist Aesthetics in collaboration with Ministry of Women Affairs, National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS) FCT Chapter to mark the annual Children’s Day Programmeto assess the effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Nigerian child and the way forward.


A real time and Virtual platform initiated to connect the Nigerian Children across the country so as to hear the view of every participating child on the effects of COVID-19 pandemic as an individual or group and more importantly their suggestions on the way forward. This is to be done in various mediums which include: National Children Summit, Essays, Music, Fine & Applied Arts, Dance, Drama, and Poetry etc. The means of communication is open to English and Nigerian Indigenous languages.


The programme is open to participants across the 36 states of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT):

  1. Federal and State personalities.
  2. Education Institutions in the States and FCT
  3. Every Nigerian Child
  4. Family Groups
  5. Community Groups
  6. Religious Groups
  7. Socio-cultural Groups


The programme seeks to engage all groups aforementioned, schools, teachers and parents to participate in programme and to speak on the subject matter which will entail.

  • Engaging the students positively before and on the children’s day so as to sustain their enthusiasm, knowledge and education
  • Assessing the impact of COVID-19 on the well-being of every Nigerian Child
  • Reviewing the effect of Media and Information on the Nigerian child.
  • Appraising the Children’s perception on the way forward in the pandemic as today and in future occurrence.


All participants are required to register using the link and observe the information below: –

  • Registration portal –
  • The opening programme is a national Children Summit, featuring panelist which cuts across Children, Parents, Teachers, Guardian and Caregivers
  • Participants are to send in their entries which will come in form of Poems, Dance, Music, Essays or Fine & Applies Art as provided on the registration details
  • Entries can be forwarded in form of video or audio not longer than three (3) minutes. It is very important that participants mention their names, age, school, and location.
  • All interested zoom participants must register 72 hours before the programme using a link that will be provided
  • The participants will be scored as: 20% for the presentation of the effects and 80% for the presentation of the way forward
  • The Grand Finale is an all thrilling show case of the various activities, presentation of the communiqué of the summit, and price giving ceremony.
  • Further details on the programme and registration link, call – 08055996919.
  • Email: [email protected] or