Virtual Childrens day Celebration 2021 – The way Forward

Topic: Effect of Covid-19 Pandemic on the total well being of the Nigerian child. INTRODUCTION Zeitgeist Aesthetics is a non-profit organization that is focused on issues of national development through research and patenting models, compiling documentations and using same tool for public awareness, grassroots capacity development and the promotion of socioeconomic development generally. “HIYA NIGERIA” and some […]




Partners of Adopt a School Register on the Adopt a School Portal It has is a fact that a lot of children in underprivileged communities attend school in un-conducive learning environments’. Children attend schools without toilets, running waters, and in rundown dilapidated buildings with no shelter that befits a learning ambience. Adopt a school initiative (ASI) is[...]



Virtual Childrens Day Celebration – Powered by: Federal Ministry of Women Affairs in collaboration with State Ministries

Virtual Childrens Day Celebration, 2020 Read through the embeded document below to understand what the program is all about. You should be able to scroll through the embedded document or download the document using the download link below it. Thanks for Viewing. This is an embedded Microsoft Office document, powered by Office Online. Please read the document[...]