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Zietgeist - What you should know

Zeitgeist Aesthetics Ltd/Gte, is the only Enculturation consult in Nigeria. We are a practical research organisation and the most efficient team that facilitates the development of Originality for outstanding initiatives. Our organisation is one of the best in the twenty-first century in data aggregation, awareness practices and economy growth shift.

  • Maintain and build close relationships with customers through regular contact and visits
  • Research potential clients and markets to prepare for appointments
  • Recommend accurate and effective solutions to clients after identifying problems
  • Contribute ideas and offer constructive feedback at weekly meetings and training meetings
We have some goals to achieve

Our Goals - 5t's

We Increase efficiency and performance through implementation and development of customer service training processes, monitoring team member productivity and providing feedback.

We Sustain...

To sustain the continuity of citizens’ awareness is an initiative of a Television/Radio sensitisation programme “HIYA NIGERIA” that glides on the use of Nigerian indigenous languages to promote Respect for national symbols and Citizen’s Civic responsibilities. A grassroots feedback channel.

We Establish...

To Establish and sustain the development of indigenous languages by promoting language in primary and secondary schools and also the study of professional degree courses in Nigerian Indigenous Languages within all the technical schools across the country.

We Initiate...

To Initiate, develop and encourage Culturepreneur Clusters in States, and grooming Cultural Brain-workers for economy sustainability.

We Build...

To build a reputable standard in Culture and ecotourism as a top key player in the industry.

We Increase...

To increase field research in Indigenous Languages towards promoting education tourism , a panacea to language extinction.

The Vision

To preserve the Nigerian legacy within and outside the country.

The Mission

We have a mission to achieve all of the following:

  • Generation of adequate information to Nigerians nationwide
  • Promoting the culture of citizens inclusion in nationalism
  • Reintegrate the culture of Communal-ism
  • Foster joint development of traditional economy prospects that exceeds global productivity
  • Create a pyramid of diverse resources harnessed for national benefits and international exchange.

Zeitgeist Aesthetics is considered as one of the leading facilitator in the campaign of nationalism in the 36 states in collaboration with various government organizations

Our traditional company model is based on research for the development and promotion of nationalism using indigenous Languages, cultural heritage, and citizens participation in Nigeria governance.

The company operates as an Enculturation consult, research/documentation, promotion and development of indigenous economy

The revenues of our company are generated from interventions or grants from Government , corporate Organization, grants, Donations and partners.

In promoting language development, civic responsibilities, culturepreneurship, Ecotourism and cultural tourism and voluntary field research trips.

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We appreciate you

As we jointly revive and reinstate Nationalism/Citizens’ inclusion in governance, indigenous Languages, Agropreneurs, Culturepreneurs , Tourism in all sectors and national capacity building, your satisfaction is our price.

We are a practical research organization and the most efficient team that facilitates the development of Originality for outstanding initiatives. Our organization is one of the best in the twenty-first century in data aggregation, awareness practices and economy growth shift