Introduction to Zeitgeist Aesthetics

Zeitgeist Aesthetics is established as a limited by Guarantee Company in Nigeria. Our traditional company model is based on research for the development and promotion of nationalism using indigenous Languages, cultural heritage, and citizens participation in Nigeria governance.

The revenues of our company are generated from interventions from Government , corporate Organisation, grants, Donations, and we also source funds from partners depending on the variables that are factored in such project and the policies that connect with our projects.
In promoting Ecotourism and cultural tourism, the company has invested portions of its resources in voluntary field research trips around States. And this has been the bedrock of our mandate successes.

Core Values

The 4 Ws'
We believe in relating with our collaborators, partners, sponsors, donors and host with respect, integrity, and Trust
We grow through passion, creativity, invention, innovation and sustainable cultural values.
We integrate honesty, team work, learning, and professional ethics of courtesy into all our services.
Watch word for us is character and selflessness , as our price is your satisfaction.

Scope of Work

  • Undertakes research , development , translations, publications : as a tool  for promoting Nigerian national Icons, citizen’s civic responsibilities and participation in governance, and boosting the economy of Nigeria with products from Culture .
  • Synergies with  Nigerian education sectors  to work out the possibilities emerging geniuses and study of degree courses  in some  Universities using Nigerian indigenous languages 
  • Promote  the  cause to champion the development of  Culture for  trade exchange/exports:  a panacea to industrialization, sustainable employment and maximum economy growth .

Financial Consideration

As a non profit organization (NPO) our company’s financial flow is  sourced from Grants, donations, and support from sponsors, partners, and individual.  However, we welcome and source support from interested collaborators, partners, sponsors and donors. The account is open and  transparent and no fund can be inherited by the Directors of the company and her management.

Need to follow up the activities of Zeitgeist Aesthetics

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